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 A little talk with Jesus
How it smoothes the rugged road,
How it cheers and helps me onward
When I faint beneath my load.

When my heart is crushed with sorrow
And my eyes with tears are dim,
There is naught can yield me comfort
Like a little talk with Him.

Though my way is often dreary
And my walk is weak and slow,
A little talk with Jesus
Tells me all I need to know.

And He answers me so gently
In a soft and loving tone,
"I am with you always
You will never be alone.

He tells me that He loves me,
And paid the ransom for my soul,
Now He is my brother
His love has made me whole.

I cannot live without Him
His love is all I know,
A little talk with Jesus
Gives me all I need to grow.

Oh, I often feel impatient
And I mourn His long delay,
For I never can be settled
While He yet remains away.

So I wait a little longer
For His own appointed time,
And I glory in the knowledge
That such hope is ever mine.

In my Father's perfect dwelling
Where the many mansions be,
I will daily talk with Jesus
And He there will talk with me.

Author Unknown

"Come unto me, all ye that labour
And are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
{ Matthew 11:28}

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