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  • Just curious to know if the cross is available at this time.
No, I'm done.
On Easter Sunday, 1994 my husband Rick experienced a severe base-of-the-brain stroke that left him permanently impaired both mentally and physically. 
Then, on Aug. 17, 2008 he experienced a severe heart attack with 99.5% blockage.  Several months later he fell breaking his nose and almost bled to death possibly due to his heart stopping and being on multiple blood thinners.  He was diagnosed with an irregular heart beat that may be causing him to pass out.
This website is operating on a day to day basis, and it's fate is uncertain. However, our Patriotic / Christian Inspirational Email Libraries are very important to us!  I plan to keep them online as long as I am able. 
  • I've seen similar crosses. Are any of them the same as these?
    Horseshoe nail art has been around since horseshoes; so there are bound to be many variations of crosses.  Features, components & quality, may differ. (CSC features)
    With the aid of a local blacksmith, I began making horseshoe nail crosses in late May, 2004 to help my husband Rick exercise his fingers as a form of rehab, after his stroke. With practice, I learned to produce a quality cross that is very attractive. They generate a lot of attention and get many compliments.
    After receiving a request from a Military Chaplain in March 2006 to provide crosses for his soldiers being deployed to Iraq, I began thinking about priorities. I created the symbolic Patriotic American Red White & Blue Christian Soldiers Horse Shoe Nail Cross and Website as symbols of dignity and respect (web-site intent) to show the world, "I am Proud to be an American crusading in the Army of Soldiers for Christ!" 
    Now as I surf the Net, I see my creations of words, pictures, concept and theme being copied without my knowledge or approval.  I worked very hard to create a quality cross, and appropriate viewing material only to see it being taken.  I have to question how someone can do this in the name of God?  Plagiarism is immoral and illegal.  I strive to maintain integrity but can only speak for myself.  Please don't associate/confuse my Christian Soldiers Cross Necklace or Website with any other!!!
  • Do you make the Christian Soldiers Cross of Jesus necklaces yourself?
    These crosses were completely hand-crafted here in the United Sates by myself.  After months of struggling to keep up, I promised myself that if I could just make it through Christmas 2008 that I was done.  I removed the purchasing links in mid December and never expected to replace them.
    Then in early 2009, I foolishly replaced them to keep trying only to get myself into a jam.  Once again during the Holidays of 2009, I was swamped.  I sent out a mass email to everyone that purchased my ebook for help.  They came through by sending me crosses.  That's it, I can make them no longer.  I hoped to go on forever, but I can't!   No matter how hard I try to pace myself, it always ends up all or none.  Quite frankly, I'm exhausted!
  • Do you make any money or are you a charity?
    Basically, neither.  I strive not to make a profit but just to break-even each month.  Since I no longer sell crosses in the Gift Shop, I charge a small fee for my downloadable ebook Quiet-Angels" to pay the fees associated with hosting this website. 
  • Do you still give away free crosses to military members if requested?
No, I gave away hundreds from June, 2004 until Christmas 2009.  It's taking it's toll mentally, physically and financially. After giving away hundreds of crosses to honor personal requests from our troops, our veterans, their families and by Chaplains and spouses to be handed out on military bases, (home & abroad) I am being forced to quit due to a variety of reasons.
  • Are you a Patriotic American Citizen?
More and more everyday!  As I grow older, I am becoming increasingly grateful of what America truly stands for.
  • Are you a Christian?
    I believe not only in God, but that Jesus Christ died for our sins. So, the answer is YES!!!
  • Will the crosses tarnish or rust? 
    The crosses have several protective coatings; however they are made with real horseshoe nails.  Horseshoe nails are steel. Steel can rust. So, it is recommended that you keep them dry as possible by removing them before swimming, bathing, in the shower or hot tub, sweaty conditions etc. With care, the cross could last for years.
  • How will I know that it's a genuine Christian Soldiers Cross
    Unlike others, it will have vinyl coated wire and a real natural leather neck cord for durability designed for our troops and will have a "Tag of  Origin" with a CSC- ID#, and signed by myself, Evelyn 
  • Excerpts taken from guest book and emails received

    "I am a member of the army...  I love the crosses...  Thanks for all you do for the Lord and for our Soldiers.  God bless our Troops...  It is really nice to see someone take time and effort out of their busy lives to do what you do.  I would love to have the Christian Soldiers Cross for Patriotic Americans.  It is funny I always look for crosses to wear but it seems like everything you find out in the public is just not original.  It doesn't really matter how long it takes.  I will wear it with pride and never take it off.  I admire you for your work and dedication.  I love what you are doing with the crosses, and even more, I love how you are not ashamed to proclaim Jesus Christ via this web site. You are truly a blessing to me, the soldiers, and everyone else who supports you. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! - Baghdad, Iraq

    * ´`³¤³´`*:»§«:*´`³¤³´`*:»§«  >  †    <  »§«:*´`³¤³´`*:»§«:*´`³¤³´` *

    What began as therapy in June 2004, has evolved into this family friendly website Honoring God, Our Country and Our Military Members. (past & present)  

    This site has grown to 200+ pages that have received hundreds-of - thousands of page views from around the world since installing the hit counter about a year later. This popularity was never intended or expected! Since, it is built on coincidence, circumstance and faith, I can take no credit!!! Instead, I choose to believe that it's Gods will!!! 

    It now takes a considerable amount of time, money and commitment to maintain. I began selling Crosses to help pay the associated expenses.   Without funding, this site will perish!  I can use your help!!!

    By making a purchase from a link on this, EMprints or Quiet Angels websites, you are providing funds to help me continue my crusade to give God, our Country and our Military Members / Veterans the recognition that they deserve.

    This site has been placed on auto-renew. As long as there are funds available, it will remain online.  With your help, it could remain for years, even after I'm gone. However, when it's gone...  In the meantime, the libraries are here to enjoy!

    Return often & stay as long as you like!!

    Feel free to send me an email any time using the link below.
    If you have questions or comments, email me at evelyn@christiansoldierscross.com

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