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The "Wild Ride" 



One day a man went to a horse stable and said that, "I want to learn to ride. Can I get a very tame, gentle horse.
The cowboy led him to an old mare and said, "Here, she'll do perfect. There is one thing though. She was trained by a Christian. Instead of Giddy-up and whoa, she was taught Amen and Halleluiah."
The man was reluctant.
Again, he was told. "Not to worry. Just remember Halleluiah and Amen. It's that easy. She is very well trained and will follow every command."
The man got on the horse and began riding. Everything was going well when suddenly there was a very loud noise.
It spooked the horse and she began running wildly down the trail. The man began yelling, "Whoa! Whoa!! Whoa!!!
There was no response, and he began to get worried. He tried to think what he was told. Amen,  yea that's it, Amen.
He began yelling, "Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! and the horse came to an abrupt stop doing exactly as she was instructed.
None too early either! They were standing right on the edge of a large cliff. The man leaned forward to look over the edge while wiping his brow. When he saw how far down it was he realized how disastrous this could have been. 
Realizing how this could have ended and being happy to be alive, he leaned back in the saddle breathing a sigh of relief while saying, "Hall-e-lu-iah"

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